Episode 19

Episode #019 Intro To MBTI

We take an introductory look at the Myers-Briggs Typing Indicator or MBTI. If you are interested in knowing more about the MBTI, use the links/resources below:

If you are interested in knowing what type you are within that system feel free take the test here: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT licensed or professional therapists

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FNK Media is the creative collective consisting of Ferral, Ness, and Kyle. We are focused on creating an experience that is sure to be entertaining and educational .
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Ferral L.

Enneagram 4 - INFP - Capricorn
A Ferrally cool guy, he enjoys long walks on the beach and also off the beach
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Ness H.

Enneagram 9 - ENFP - Aquarius
You have no idea how hard I work on the daily to make sure that being a Swiftie isn’t my entire personality.
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Kyle K.

Enneagram 7 - ENTP - Pisces
Aside from the opt. pod project, Kyle can be found on twitch during the week under the handle komickyle. Follow the linktree for twitch and other socials.